Guide To India

Guide to India


There’s simply no other word that convincingly captures the enigma that is India. Diversity is a part of a huge country like India where one can witness more than fifteen hundred different languages, different cultures and customs, long mountain ranges and wide plains!! Rich in tribal culture it offers variety of places to see right from north east hilly areas to Andaman Nicobar Islands that add to the beauty of the country.
One can get to see the remotest of villages full of age old culture, traditions and customs still keeping the real India alive to latest and most advanced technologies making India equipped with modern infrastructure, connecting it to the entire world in seconds.



Second in number, India has a population of over a billion that showcases a rich cultural heritage. From the highest point of the Kanchenjunga peak at 8598 meters to the lowest point at 0 meters at the Indian Ocean, India is the land that spells variety.
The 7th largest country in the world, it covers a total area of 3,287,590 sq km in area. It lies in south Asia with Indian Ocean in its south, frozen wasteland of the Himalayas in the north, desert in west and heavy rainfall in its



One can look out for all suitable options as per his budget for stay. Deluxe / Luxary hotels /comfortable guest houses which can be booked in advance for a comfortable stay.
The welcome will be same. Guests are treated with great respect and dignity in India.
One can get best of lodging and boarding in affordable prices depending on the selected region.

India is no behind as far as commuting to different places is concerned. Taxi service on call, Deluxe and luxury buses to travel, Train and lastly flights are available in economic and affordable fares. There are different websites available to book any of these. To add to more option, New Delhi also has a running metro to commute within state.

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Money exchange


Money exchange will not be a problem. The moment you land, money exchangers can be seen on the airport itself. In hotels, Malls you can find those without any hassle.
For further information you can log on to any of the sites mentioned here.
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Medical Facility


In today’ date, if you are looking for best and affordable medical assistance and treatments, then India is the name. One will find best medical treatments and surgeries, competitive doctors, skilled support and paramedical staff, deluxe rooms in hospitals, continental food, currency convertor and a language translator to help you get the right treatment.
Pick and drop from airports, emergency arrangements on call, fully equipped road and air ambulance services for patient evacuation.

Food in India


India has gone far ahead as far as food is concerned. Gone are the days when one had to travel distances to get the food of his choice in India.
Indian malls and markets are full of Continental foods and food chains for nationals travelling from different parts of the world. Missing out the taste of Indian food will also not be a great idea, it is though spicy but most palatable food with hundreds of variations known globally. So when in India do taste Indian cuisine or Indian Thali – Rajasthani, South Indian, Gujrati, Marathi or even Punjabi…..

Indian Climate


Extreme Climatic variations. Very Hot between April to June, Very Cold between December –January and Humid in July to September.

The pleasant months to travel in India would be February – March and October – November.

If you wish to enjoy lovely rainfall in hilly regions, then June to August would be the best monsoon time !!

India – a blend of Ethnic stuff and Modern amenities…


India has now become a hub of shopping centers with modern shopping malls. You name it and you get it. There is hardly any amenity or product one can think of is not available in Indian markets. Right from ethnic wear, kids stuff, toys, modern outfits, books of eminent writers, Cyber cafes, Coffee shops , restaurants, rest rooms, electronic gadgets, mobile pones, camera etc are at a reachable distance in all major and small cities as well.

On the other hand Indian culture and the heritage is well known and admired in the world for its ancient customs, beliefs and strong moral values. From ancient beliefs to modern trends India is also a land of diverse cultures.  One can see variations in physical, climatic and geographic conditions and the extent of exposure to other cultures have greatly influenced the traditions and culture of the different regions.  The basic factor common to the whole of India is with variations in the practices based on their local needs and influences.  Further, the greatness of India has been in accepting the best from all the invaders and intermingling the new customs and styles with the existing traditions and beliefs with respect to music, dance, painting, sculptures and architecture. ::

Treasure of India


Relaxing and Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Massage centers with wonderful herbal spas in the mid of nature, Yoga and meditation centers for a peaceful mind and healthy body,
Naturopathy – way for curing chronic ailments , obesity, headaches, acne etc in natural way using herbs and products of nature,
Aromtherapy – cure and relaxing through different soothing and healing smells of oils, herbs, using fragrances and aromas of incense and herbs etc for complete rejuvenation.

Hot Destinations for tourism


Delhi – Capital of India, full of ancient and historic places and monuments like Red Fort with exotic collection of ethnic wear and jwellery, also known for linght and sound musical evening show that takes one to age old Muslim era, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, India Gate Humayun Tomb, Lotus temple, Jama masjid, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Rakabganj Gurudwara, Birla Temple,etc, shopping centers like Dilli Haat, Pragati maidan, Janpath, Cannaught place, Palika bazaar Shopping Malls etc. Mouth watering eating joints at all shopping places full of Indian cuisine and continental foods.

New Delhi : A proud destination of XIX Commonwealth games 2010..


New Delhi witnessed a grand celebration of common wealth games where more than 70 countries participated. India stood a pride owner of 38 Gold medals and 2nd in the winner’s list.

Other places of interest:

Other states


Agra – Taj Mahal, symbol of true love.

Rajasthan – A city of palaces and historical monuments to see. Wide spread Deserts, camel rides and an ideal place for shopping ethnic Indian stuff. Places to visit Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer shrine – known for its own belief etc

Uttaranchal – Complete hilly areas and lovely hill stations to visit

Ooty ( Karnataka) – “Queen of hills” as known in India, famous for India spices like cardamom, tea and many more Goa beaches, kerala beaches and Backwaters

Mumbai – Financial capital of India, a place for lovely night outs, great weather Ajanta Elora caves, Aurangabad in Maharashtra ,Khajurao in MP

Hyderabad – A state of shrines, Charminar, and hub of ancient and palatable Mughlai Food. Known for amazing stone and glass bangles and original pearls.

Major festivals and celebrations of India


26th January –Republic Day, celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the nation with special cultural and patriotic functions in smallest to biggest f areas and institutions. New Delhi witnesses a grand Republic Day parade with over 200 groups from different states performing on India gate

Lohri/Pongal/Baisakhi/Makar Sankranti – Festival of new Harvest celebrated in second week of January all over India. It is also popularly known as ‘kite festival” in states like Gujrat. Sky is full a rainbow of colorful kites on this day

Holi– A famous and unique festival of colors, celebrated in March with great enthusiasm when children, men and women play with lovely colors and greet each other with sweets. It has a significance of burning evil over the good.
Independence day – Celebrated on 15th of August throughout the country as a mark of respect to all those warriors who sacrificed their lives to achieve Independence for the country

Dussehra or DurgaPuja – Nine days of nine goddesses are celebrated in different parts of India in different forms known as “Navratras” . On the tenth day the Idol of goddess Durga is immersed in river and effigy of Ravana is burnt in all parts of country which children enjoy to great extent.

Diwali – Festival of lights which is the most important festival of Hindus. Houses are decorated with oil lamps and candles throughout the country, children play with crackers and elders greet each other with sweets. It has its origin from Indian epic Ramayana when Lord Rama had returned home after 14 years of exile.
Besides these national festivals, India being a social, secular and a republic country, it has people from all religions and beliefs and other festivals like

EId, Christmas, Gurupurav are also celebrated with equal and great fervor. There are many more regional customs and festivals which are celebrated from time to time in different parts of the country.

Indian Traditional and Folk Dances


India being rich in cultural heritage, is well known for its famous folk dances found in different regions like, Bharatnatyam,Tribal dances in South East also known as seven sisters, Bhangra in Punjab and many other dances popularly know in different parts of country.

Travel Alert


Jammu and Kashmir (with the exception of Ladakh) are subject to political violence: travelers should seek consular advice before entering any area bordering Pakistan. Similar advice should also be sought before travelling to Assam, Nagaland, Tripura and Manipur in northeast India.

There is a high security risk in Bihar and Jharkhand. Several Indian cities suffered violent attacks during 2008-2009 including Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Mumbai. Check out Safe Travel for updated government warnings or the Thorn Tree travel forum for advice from other traveller


  • Heavy traffic jams
  • Pollution
  • Bargaining in market places