Mr.Olumide Opeoluwa Nigerian patient to India for reconstructive surgery said, It was only Indian Embassy that gave us immediate visa on emergency grounds as my fingers had got cut on the Christmas day in some accident and I needed immediate assistance. Majority of doctors were on leave and they do not have the kind of surgery I would get here in India. I had no choice to fly down to India with my wife. We have got very good response from the doctors here specially from the staff of Angel Medicare. They are quite helpful and supportive in finding the right doctors and getting good medical aid. The facilities at their guest house Angel Guesthouse are also very nice, specially the kitchen facility that we did not get elsewhere. Angel Medicare have arranged for our visa extension on medical grounds as the treatment needs a longer stay. Besides this, facilities for sight seeing and affordable tour packages are also very nice out of which we availed two of them as we had time between the procedures…”

Auroro Lilly PiresPatient from Mozambique, I came here from Mozambique and got the reference of Angel Medicare through a friend of mine. I wrote to them and they arranged everything for me including doctor’s appointment, medical papers, Insurance cover. Entire communication with the hospital authorities was done on our behalf as we had language and communication problem. I had come to India for severe pain on my face and later on was diagnosed with breast cancer which was too much for me to accept but the enormous support and guidance I received from Angel Medicare made things easy for me and I could prolong my stay for the treatment. I did not avail any of the tour package so far as I have to focus on my treatment first and I get tired a lot after Chemotherapy. I have lost the taste for foods but thankfully the right kind of food was arranged for me by Angel Medicare. I would like to carry Angel Medicare details and would like to refer them to my friends and family members if they are also looking for this support. The fear of going of the new country is the biggest which make people hesitate and suffer. Buat now since I have experienced the best here, I would certainly recommend Angel Medicare to my people there”

Said AheayalullahPatient from Afghan , I came to India for knee surgery and was unable to walk even a step. Angel Medicare arranged for an ambulance and wheelchair for me right from airport to hospital. I got complete assistance from their staff right from finding a doctor to arranging an translator, entire paperwork for insurance was done by Angel Medicare. Now my surgery is done and I am leaving for my country. My all fears went away the moment I saw a great helping hand the moment I landed in India. I felt as if a friend is standing by my side throughout. The food arranged was as per our requirements. I wish all the best to Angel Medicare and would recommend all my friends to contact them if they need to visit India for any treatment. They are the true friends here”