Why India


Cost Comparison of treatment in India Vs other developed countries : Price in USD ($)

Surgery USA India Singapore Thailand
Heart Bypass 144000 8500 13500 24000
Angioplasty 57000 5000 11200 13000
Heart Valve Replacement 170000 9000 12500 11000
Hip Replacement 50000 5800 9200 12000
Hip Resurfacing 50000 8000 12100 16000
Knee Replacement 50000 6200 11000 10000
Spinal Fusion 100000 5500 9000 7000
Dental Implant 2000-10000 700 2900 3000
Lap Band 30000 7500 12000 12000
Breast Implants 10000 4500 5400 4500
Rhinoplasty 8000 3500 2700 3400
Face Lift 15000 5000 5000 6600
Hysterectomy 15000 2300 6000 4500

Why should you choose India as your preferred treatment / holiday destination :


» Internationally accredited medical facilities

» Highly qualified Physicians and Surgeons with skilled support staff.

» We are proud to state here that over 40,000 Indian medical fraternities from different specialties have been successfully treating patients across the world.

» Majority of doctors and surgeons in India have acquired knowledge, skills and proficiencies as per international standards assuring best of medical care and treatments for patients from any origin.

» Cashless / TPA facilities available. Quite economical as compared to domestic private healthcare. Medical treatment in India costs less than 60-80% as compared to similar procedures in North America and the UK.

» No prolonged Wait – Immediate medical assistance .

» No language barrier – Translators available.100% use of English as mode of communication in all hospitals.

» Options for translator, private chef, dedicated staff during your stay and many other tailor-made services.

» Can easily be combined with a holiday/business trip

» India, being rich in cultural heritage, offers best of alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, and Therapeutic Massage etc.

» India is an exotic tourist destination for those looking for lovely beaches, mountains, ethnic temples, ancient monuments at historic places, cosmopolitan cities, quaint villages and pilgrimages to suit every mind and heart

» India today witnesses the growth of best of star hospitals fully equipped with highly competent staff, all modern amenities, latest medical equipment and infrastructure as per the international standards.

» Tourists are facilitated with good International airlines connectivity with economic fares and non-stop or one-stop flights to India.

» Nationals from all over the world are treated with great care, respect and dignity than in other parts of the world because we believe in “ atithi devo bhava”….which means guest is God for us….

Travelers visiting India for any medical treatments have found it quite advantageous and beneficial as compared to other countries. We offer value for your money.

So, how can Angel Medicare help you…

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